Cyber Security Experts Wanted ASAP

Location: All Cities, USA, United States
Date Posted: 11-09-2017
Join us to create the Biggest Cyber Security Task Force to help The FBI, Washington, the Feds, Private Corporations and Entities!

No one gets it!  Millions of dollars go into  research mode AFTER every gun, rental car, airport, Train or cyber attack! NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE SINCE COLUMBINE! Thousands of law abiding citizens continue to get killed or bilked out of Billions of dollars  due to hack attacks!
  • Who'll check the credit checker?
  • Who checks the low-paid Admins at Car Rentals who pass criminals through indiscriminately without even a backward glance or care in the world? 
  • Who checked for the multiple guns  that were carried into the Las Vegas Hotel Room?
  • Who checks the predator database?
  • Who checks the archaic deep database Gun Owner or Gun Purchase database to PREVENT attacks BEFORE they occur?

Its time for us to create a cohesive task force to routinely and continuously back-check and clean out our databases adding triggers BEFORE ANOTHER ATTACK!

Send us your CV and Join us in spreading the power to all - cybersecurity is no island-we the experts need to get involved!
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